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USCIS approved immigration Medical / I-693

Dr. Moazzam Habib, MD, Designated Civil Surgeon, in conjunction with Lab on Demand, is pleased to offer immigration medical examinations/I-693, to the public. Lab on Demand collaborated in providing the lab services for immigration titers and medical testing as required by US Immigration.

We have served Fortune 500 companies with their immigration needs, and have completed thousands of immigration exams with 99 percent patient satisfaction.

Being immigrants themselves, Dr Habib, MD, and Babar Rizvi, MT, MLS(ASCP), MCLD, Director of Medical Lab services, with their team are mindful to how critical the medical examination process is. Clients can schedule free consultation with the Director of medical lab service, Babar Rizvi.


Thousands more tests are available per your request.
Affordable options for self-pay and high deductible insurance plans!

Thousand more tests are available per your request

Affordable options for self-pay and high deductible insurance plans! Credit, Debit, HAS/FSA cards accepted

• Allergies

• Anemia 

• Arthritis

• Diabetes

• Drug Use

• General/ Wellness

• Heartburn

• Heart Health

• Hormones

• Liver Function

• Menopause

• Cholesterol Medication

• Immigration
  Titers Blood Test

• Male/ Female
   Wellness Profiles

• Testosterone
   Replacement Panel

• Risk Factors

• Osteoporosis


• Titers for
   School/ Work

• Thyroid

• Tumor Marker/

• Vitamin D Level

• Student Titers

• Immigration titers 
   & Medical Tests

• Vitamin D

• Life Certificate for
  overseas Purposes.